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Our QTH is Cape Fie at the south east part of Bouvet. It was first roughly charted in 1898 by a German expedition under Carl Chun, and was re-charted and named by the Norwegian expedition under Captain Harald Horntvedt who explored the area from the Norvegia
in December 1927.


After discussing with The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) and other experts we have come to the conclusion that the only possible place to setup a camp SAFELY is at Cape Fie. Cape Fie is a rock formation at the South East part of the island. While there are many places to go onshore for a short visit if you pass by with a cruiseship - the ONLY safe place to stay for a longer duration overnight is at Cape Fie. ALL other locations have a high risk for rock or icefall or large amounts of seals. Nyrøysa is NOT accessible due to the Bouvet Regulation that came into force in 2005 that restrict access to only allow scientific research activity. Safety has our highest priority in this adventure! After the regulation came in force in 2005 the seal population has also increased significantly and it will be a no-go to stay overnight on the beach - that would be in breach with the regulation as we would disturb the wildlife.


Setting up a camp at the beach is thus not allowed and not feasible. Setting up a camp on the lower part of the glacier is a high risk operation due to craks in the glacier, this could cause injuries or death of operators.


As such due to safety issues, the camp will be setup at the rocks above the beach at Cape Fie.

The team will climb the rocks and setup camp about 80m (250 ft) above the beach. We will setup a winch system to transport the equipment from the beach to the camp area. We will work hard and spend 2 days to setup the camp.


The area is roughly estimated to 50x240m (150 ft x 800ft), we know the glacier is retarding so by 2022 we will know for sure the area at our disposal.


We will not setup antennas or approach the glacier at all. We will provide an antenna and camp layout later.

Exclusive VIDEO of Kapp Fie 

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